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Is all access to a memory pool serialized among all threads (tasks)? Does each thread lock the memory pool when allocating or deallocating from that memory pool?

The memory allocation is FIFO based across all OS. There are two types of memory allocation to be discussed: Fixed Memory Allocation: OS Abstractor does NOT synchronize the alloc/de-alloc request. Neither does it searches memory to find a free block. Even in other types of resource creation/deletion we do NOT sequential. That being said, we have proprietary mechanism in place to ensure that everything will work concurrently under a multi thread/process environment with better performance. Dynamic or Variable Memory Allocation: OS Abstractor normally depends on the OS to do the allocation and de-allocation. It is expected that the OS may lock a thread momentarily during the period acquiring a free block, but this should not be viewed as sequential operation (it's only for data protection under multithreaded environment). Under Linux, in order to utilize the MMU defrag feature, OS Abstractor does allocation of memory only during the allocation time and not the pool creation time.

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