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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Cross-OS Development Platform

    1. What is OS Abstractor and Cross OS Development Platform?
    2. What value does Cross-OS Development Platform provide?
    3. How does the OS changer abstraction layer works? Is it VM? Does HW support needed?
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  2. OS Changer Porting Kit

    1. What value does OS Changer provide?
    2. Why not do a port myself?
    3. Why don’t I use my new OS vendor’s porting kit?
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  3. Ada-C/C++ Changer

    1. Could you please explain about Ada-C/C++ Changer Tool Tuning?
    2. Which programs or projects Mapusoft has worked on for the DoD in the past?
    3. When converting from Ada, I prefer ‘C’ as my converted target language. What convincing statements you have that will make me choose C++ instead of ‘C’ ?
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  4. AppCOE

    1. What value does AppCOE provide?
    2. Why should I develop on a host instead of the target platform?
    3. Why should I use a unified architecture for development?
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  5. Linux OK

    1. Why use POSIX Interface on a POSIX based OS?
  6. OS Abstractor

    1. What is OS Abstractor and Cross OS Development Platform
    2. Can I start developing my application with the OS Abstractor APIs without a RTOS?
    3. Why not use an in-house abstraction?
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  7. OS Simulator

    1. What simulators are available from Mapusoft?
    2. How is MapuSoft’s OS Simulator different from that of that of an OS Vendor Solution?
  8. Cross-OS Hypervisor

    1. How is MapuSoft’s Cross-OS Hypervisor performance better than other hypervisor Solutions ?
  9. About MapuSoft

    1. What value does MapuSoft provide?
    2. Why don’t I hire a consulting company to make a porting kit or abstraction layer?
    3. Why don’t I use an open source porting kit or abstraction layer?
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  10. MapuSoft Services

    1. Where can I find the latest release notes?
    2. What operating systems do you support?
    3. You don’t appear to support my operating system. Can you still help me?
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