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During our transition from Ada to C++, we will likely have developers working in Ada. How does Ada-C/C++ Changer handle development versions? For example, we take a snapshot of our Ada code today for conversion. While we are converting our Ada code and testing our new C++ code, our developers will be making improvements to the Ada. During the conversion, the developers make changes comparable to 3000 SLOC dispersed throughout the Ada project. Will the tool process just the 3000 SLOC changes when we go to make our final snapshot or will we need to convert the entire 150,000 SLOC again, resulting in the need for a license with more SLOC conversions?

The license is based on the maximum number of lines of code in the code base. There is no extra charge to re-translate the same lines again, nor to translate modified lines. If there are additional lines of code, then the total in the code base must remain below the license level.

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