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Which ada constructs does your tool NOT support?

Here is some info on what we support ..

• Supports conversion of Ada 83 and Ada 95 source code to ANSI C++ 03 output

• Preserves Ada comments, files structures and variable names for easier code maintenance

• Converts Ada generics to C++ templates (In some cases, Ada generic can become a non-generic/non-template depending on original code)

• Supports Ada tasking and rendezvous constructs

• Supports Calendar, System, Unchecked_Conversion, Record Representation Clauses, Variant Records, Declare Block Statements, Ada Tick Functions, Renames (for packages, variables, records, and types), “use” for packages and types, Ada Strings, access (including access all, access procedure, nested subroutines)

If there is any specific constructs that you need to have us support, please let us so we can tell you if we already and also whether we can custom provide support for that feature.

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