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Could you give any key difference between software process model and hardware assisted model as supported by OS abstraction layer? Please also give details of any key difference vs Linux process model

The software process model uses private memory area that is dedicated to each process for local memory. It creates all resources (eg timers) by default private (however the scope can be changed to “system” if the resource needs to be shared across process) and provides the handle . The memory is divided in case if it is single kernel memory OS like ThreadX, otherwise true process feature provided by the OS is used. As far as the Linux process and OS Abstractor, they are identical. I suggest you read the system configuration manual documentation for further information (this system manual is available within AppCOE (help menu->help_contents-> AppCOE). You can download the software from our website via the download link. We also offer ability for processes to specifically create resources with public scope (which means another process will be able to use it, but cannot delete it, e.g. timers)

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