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Why use POSIX Interface on a POSIX based OS?

Benefits only provided by POSIX Interface from Cross-OS:

  • Includes OS Abstractor APIs - Allows development of highly portable applications
  • True Portability - Code written for an older version of POSIX will run on a newer version - Code written for one POSIX type such as UNIX or Linux will run on all POSIX types
  • Development Flexibility - OS features beyond the POSIX standard provide more development features which are missing in POSIX
  • Adds Performance, OS Hardening and Reliability - Maximizes use of compile-time translations - Maximizes use of low-level OS functions - Zero data copy of messages - OS Abstractor APIs - Static allocation of control blocks - Scalability at component & feature levels - Real-time enhancements and other safety critical OS features are added to your OS - Protect resources or optionally share them with other applications and processes - Unique process features enables independent development of complex and multiple applications - Dynamic application reconfiguration and restart - Provides Task Pooling feature to reuse task envelopes - Every POSIX distribution offers different features, our APIs will fill in the missing pieces to give you the “best of the best”
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