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What are the components of Ada-C/C++ Changer?

There are six components of Ada-C/C++ Changer:

  • AdaCgen - Ada compiler which automatically compiles all user-registered Ada source and generates interim optimized C files, then the compiler will go through the optimized C files and convert them to readable/maintainable C source.
  • AdaBgen - Ada builder/linker generates final executables by first automatically compiling required files (using AdaCgen) and then linking all the compiled modules to generate the executables
  • Adareg - helper utility that will allow users to register all the Ada source for conversion
  • Lister - helper utility that will generate cross-reference listings
  • Adaopts - helper utility to set the Ada compiler/linker configuration options
  • RTL - ‘C’ run-time modules that provides I/O, tasking, exception handling, and memory management modules which are normally required by Ada language for the ‘C’ converted code base
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