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How should I choose between the standalone (full-package) or code optimizer solutions?

The standalone version is now called the Full Library Package option and can be generated from AppCOE. You can also generate Optimized Code (using Code Optimizer) or Standalone binaries. Both options are provided with full source code without obfuscation. Here are a few technical points about the choices:

The standalone (or Full Library package) library includes the standalone products with all the features. Integration to an Eclipse-based IDE for host development is possible by purchasing the standalone solutions for the host platform. Using this option requires the necessary integration with your tools. The package is provided with a standard one-size-fits-all source code library and is manually configured via usr.h file. Standalone solutions are used as a library and code size and performance optimizations are done by the compiler tools. Some integration is required to tie one or more libraries to the applications. Sample demos are provided showing target OS specific initializations (excluding the board level initializations) and sample project files are supplied for some tools.

The Code Optimizer includes access to the AppCOE IDE which allows development, porting and debugging of applications on Linux & Windows host platforms using Eclipse framework without a need for the target hardware. Porting legacy applications under a host environment is much easier than porting on the actual target. This option allows for graphically configuring & integrating multiple OS Abstractor & OS Changer solutions. The source code generated is based on the level of API usage by the application for a more custom solution and to increase the application performance. Also available is the option to select individual APIs for execution speed optimization in addition to other compiler optimizations. The generated interface code can either be made part of the application or can be a standalone library. This option provides automatic generation of target OS specific initialization code (excluding board level initializations) and automatic generation of project files (make/visual C++/eclipse/etc.).

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