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We don’t understand some of the ADA custom type conversions Type Reset_Data_Type is (One, Two, Three, Four) was converted to Const Integer Reset_data_type_enum_integer_table[4]={3,6,11,15};Const Character Test_data_type_enum_image_table[11]= {“ONETWOTHREEFOUR”}

Ada provides ‘Image’ and ‘Value’ functions for every enumeration type, and so the compiler needs to build up a table of information that allows an internal enumeration value to be turned into a string, and vice-versa. The enum_integer_table and the enum_image_table are used for that purpose. If you want to suppress the generation of such a table, you can use Ada’s “Discard_Names” pragma. Having done that, then Ada code that uses ‘Image or ‘Value will no longer work as expected, and instead will use numeric literals for input and output.

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