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How does Ada-C/C++ Changer compare to Ada2cc?

The following paragraph has appeared on the Ada2cc product description for many years: “How ‘good’ is the translation? We estimate that the current version of the translator converts 90-95% of the code without hand modification. However, 5% is still a lot and we are constantly making improvements. Most of the changes required are of the following nature: Promoting nested functions. Adding non-default constructors. Adjusting template parameters. Inserting system specific function calls to support real-time functions." This exact same set of "changes required" has been true for many years, while they have claimed for many years they are "constantly making improvements," but apparently they aren't really doing so. In addition, these are very basic limitations, so this looks like a very simple-minded syntax-based translation tool, with no real semantic information used, and no guarantee that it preserves Ada semantics at all.

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