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Do you have safety data that you can provide us with? Examples include but are not limited to: Traceability matrix, Code review records, Functional Testing Results, Stress Testing Results, Stability Testing Results, Condition/Decision Coverage

Yes. Please let us know what information that you would specifically need. Here are some examples of what we usually do:

  • Test logs: We run the test suite and capture the log results under specific target environment. Release is made only when all the functional & regression level tests have passed repeatedly for a period of time.
  • Test cases: We are constantly adding new test suites as new test cases arise.
  • Test Configuration: Test can be run light (few resources) or heavy (more resources and large data sizes). Can also configure test loop count, duration between test runs, print results in summary or verbose, run only selected tests or all tests, etc.

We have innumerable records (mostly in email format) of code review meetings and findings. Sometimes the code review continues many weeks for major feature additions or when we add a new OS support.

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