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Why Ada-C/C++ Changer is better than most Ada conversion tools?

There are a number of good reasons that our approach is better than others:

Our toolset/services are driven by an iterative and model-based approach. One of our first steps is to create a full and complete model of your entire application. We then apply both our currently existing and mature transformation/refactoring rules that have been improved upon over dozens of projects and develop project specific transformation/refactoring rules for your specific applications until we reach very high automation levels (90%+ for developer ready and 99%+ for compiling code).

Many of our competitors utilize a translator tool (line by line vs. our model-based) and do not achieve near the automation level, speed, or accuracy of our approach.

Another thing to note is that our tool/service is flexible and adaptable to achieve the target output that is desired by our customers. This can include support from our engineers to achieve not only compiling code but refactoring to specific code quality or other standards. Depending on the level of involvement beyond initial developer-ready, first-pass transformation, the customer would like us involved with, the “better” the output we can provide.

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