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How would you classify the OS Abstractor version of Linux? For example, do these versions have significant code reuse when compared to previous versions? Or, can they be considered child or rehosted versions of a mature product?

OS Abstractor releases have significant code re-use when we add support to new OS. Once the product is validated for a specific OS (not specific OS versions), the code base is fully separated for each target OS. Bug fixes and enhancements that are generic will be carried out to all code bases for each supported target OS and goes through independent validation. Keeping the code base separate provides us the ability implement further target OS specific optimizations and also ensures that the new code changes do not impact solutions supported on the other OS platforms. We also have an automated test framework containing over 100 test suites that exercise OS Abstractor usage across various target operating systems and versions. Adding a new OS support is pretty much a cookie-cutter type of operation for us. We start off with a stable and suitable code base and make the target specific optimizations and then perform the validation. This effort is normally anywhere from 2 to 4 weeks for us on a stable new OS platform.

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