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What is required to add target support for my In-house OS to AppCOE?

Adding support for an in-house OS can be easily done by our India development team for a nominal fee. Validation can also be done by MapuSoft or yourself. In order to estimate the work, we need to know more about the OS functions in your In-house OS, such as:

  • Do you support priority-based scheduling?
  • Is there a way to change thread priority of a running task?
  • Is there a way to manually suspend/resume a thread?
  • Is there a way to manually relinquish thread control?
  • Is there a way to get the current thread id?
  • Do you have a basis semaphore support?
  • Do you have a basic message queues support?

We also need to know the OS Interfaces that you need supported (e.g. POSIX, uITRON, VxWorks, etc.) on top of your target In-house OS so that you can either migrate code to your In-house OS or develop new code using those Interfaces. For example, if your In-house OS needs to run Linux code, you would need POSIX/Linux Interface support for your target In-house OS.

To support the AppCOE Profiler feature, two APIs (related to higg resolution) need to be ported to run on your target In-house OS. These APIs need access to the hardware hi-res clock on your board. This is something you can easily do yourself or ask us to do it for you, if you wish.

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