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How is MapuSoft’s OS Simulator different from that of that of an OS Vendor Solution?

MapuSoft’s OS Simulator is designed to give the best simulation environment. OS Simulator consists of AppCOE – A powerful eclipse based IDE as its base with OS Abstractor & other interfaces. While other advantages are as follows:

  • Most OS Vendor solution are not provided in full source format like MapuSoft's solution and offers no customization
  • OS Vendor’s solutions will work for testing simple applications only as a single process. If one block (module) breaks, then all stops
  • OS Vendor’s solution will prevent you from directly utilizing native middleware/stack/tools/drivers
  • OS Simulator allows application to use OS Abstractor APIs or allow access to native OS APIs
  • Takes full advantage of the OS kernel to provide enhanced performance
  • OS Simulator puts the focus on testing the application and not the OS components
  • OS Vendor’s solution will lock your test platform to one OS/vendor and prevents you from testing any other types of applications (POSIX, VxWorks, Windows, uITRON, etc.)
  • OS Vendors provide little support for their kernels as they compete with the real product sales. Further, they only support certain host configuration
  • With Mapusoft solution, you can generate performance metrics for both application and platform to analyze performance
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